16 Years on, Let's Welcome the Toyota Supra Mk V

Depending on your stance within the automotive world, you may or may not remember the first time you fell in love with the Supra. For me - a millennial that was born and raised at the tail end of the 90s-00s tuner era - It was Paul Walker's famous orange Supra that brought my attention to the halo car in 2001.

Just one year later, though, the Supra Mk IV hit the end of its production. Now, 16 years on, Toyota has finally satiated our hunger with the Mk V Supra. As of now, the Mk V  exists in only a GP Racing Concept form.


If you've been waiting as eagerly as I have for the release of the Mk V supra, you might remember the FT-1, a Toyota concept that was released back in 2014. The FT-1 was a heavily debated concept across automotive forums and websites everywhere. It was a clear homage to the Supra bloodline in nearly every way but name. A close look at the new GP Racing Mk V and FT-1 side by side further support that claim.



Livery aside, its hard to deny the resemblance between these two concepts - and that's a welcome association. We haven't yet seen a full release of the drivetrain or chassis setup specs, but we can only hope that the Mk V will come with an entirely new powerplant - potentially derived from the FT-1, if the exterior styling is any indication. Leaks indicate a Turbo'd 3.0L inline-6 (sound familiar) with output estimates around 330bhp. The same source indicates a 0-60 estimate around 3.8s.

Toyota would be keen to release a range of drivetrain options to expand their buyer base - a decision it came to in the 90s when buyers plummeted due to the Mk IV's high price point. It's fair to expect an MSRP in the $40-$55k range - which, at the lower end, would drop it right around competition like the current WRX STI. It will be interesting to see how the Mk V is rolled out, considering the high demand it will undoubedtly command. For now, enjoy some photos and renders that I wish I had taken.